The idea is to rely on the documentary “Black to Freedom” to write a book that will include all the interviews and exchanges contained in the film and which will be enhanced, complete with explanations from the author and testimonials people who have enjoyed the film “Black to Freedom” and want to share their opinion or their feelings. The goal is to offer the reader the maximum of elements of reflection on the experience that can live the Black, having the ambition to emancipate themselves in society by taming the “Veil” that opposes its progress.

main chapters

Below you will find the list of chapters in the book. As you will notice, two chapters have been added to the 6 main parts of the documentary film.

“Millennia have passed in the sacred hourglass, but the Black is still wandering in search of the leniency that has been stolen from him.”

“The black is born allied with a subtle essence. A futile evanescence that alienated his birth.”

“It is to escape from the fallacious traps of exploitation, that the black wants to rebuild the seat of heaven by the exploit, action.”

“Twilight covers the black bubble, a scarf that makes its shape nebulous like the dark vision of a tightrope walker on a foggy evening.

“The black must raise his fist so as not to remain the hold of a moving mud, in love with wrongs, fears learned, moving torpor.”

“An old sage has shown the Black a passage in the veil to push up the heart and extended his tomorrows.” 

“The goddess of the wind has grafted to the Black a magic string that for eternity will help him to remain detached from all the dramatic knots that will taint the pastel of his destiny” 

“The Black man’s heart stopped beating the lost paths that prevented him from debating on little defended essentials.” 


If you too have seen the film “Black to Freedom” and you also want to contribute to the book, choose one of the 8 chapters and send us your contribution by email to, by using the form below or on the Facebook page of the movie:

in writing: text of 500 words maximum
an audio or video recording of 2 minutes maximum.
Certain contributions will be reformulated in writing with the agreement of their authors, to guarantee the coherence of the work.

How will the contributions be used?

Contributions received before July 1st and deemed most relevant will be part of the published book. In the end, all contributions received will be shared on the website from the day of the release of the book. Provided they meet the ethics of the project, ie they do not incite violence or any discrimination.

What will be the publishing house?

This project was discussed with Kassi Assemian, director of Anibwe House. This house is engaged in the promotion of Afro-Caribbean cultures through literature. The collaborative book “Black to Freedom” will probably be published at Anibwe subject to a final agreement.

What will the profits be for?

The profits from the sale of the book “Black to Freedom” will be used exclusively to promote and promote the work of all participants of this collaborative project. A report of the actions carried out will be regularly updated and shared on this site. One of the ideas put forward is to transform the entire project into a traveling exhibition.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, or to send us your testimonials, your contributions to the collaborative book.

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